Tutoring Opportunities

As we continue to focus on academic achievement at our school, please be aware of the following tutoring opportunities and encourage your child to avail of these programs as early as possible in the school year. 

The Tutoring for Tuition Program provides high school students an opportunity to tutor other students in their school environment while earning a tuition voucher towards post-secondary education.  This program runs throughout the school year and is funded by the Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment.  Students for Level I, II and III are available to tutor in the areas of Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and French for all grades. 

The Free Online Provincial Tutoring Program is also available this year.  This program provides university students as tutors to assist students during the evening times and on weekends. The program supplements the Tutoring for Tuition program available during the regular school day and is available to any student in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. 
Students can access free tutoring by visiting www.cdli.ca/tutoring. A weekly tutor schedule is available at the web site.

Tutoring is offered in the following subject groupings:

· Mathematics (Senior High)

· Mathematics (Grade 9)

· Physics 2204 & 3204

· Chemistry 2202 & 3202

· Science 1206 and Biology 2201 & 3201                                                                                   

· World Geography 3202 & World History 3201

· English (Senior High)

· Core French 2200 & 3200

Please contact Mrs. Gardenfor further information. (tammygarden@nlesd.ca)