Teaching Staff 2019-2020

The staff of Bay dEspoir Academy, in partnership with students, parents and community members, is committed to creating a school culture which motivates students to take responsibility for their learning, think critically, solve problems, and to make decisions which will ensure they are lifelong learners and productive citizens.  If you have any questions about your child’s academic progress or behavior, your first line of contact is your childs teacher.


Primary/Elementary Teachers

Cindy Young 


Glenda Strickland

Grade 1/2

Vanessa Bromley

Grade 3

Jillian Small-Kearley

Grade 4 

Danielle Lewis

Grade 5, Core French 4/5/8, French 2200/3200

Nancy Burke

Grade 6, Core French 6/7/9

K-12 Teachers

Valerie Coombs

K-9 Music, 7-9 Art, Art and Design 2200, Religion 8, Grade 6 Health, Religion and Art

Marilyn Barnes-Hoskins

K-6 Physical Education, Healthy Living 1200, Physical Education 9,  Science 7, Social Studies 7, Religion 7, Social Studies 9, Technology 9

Kimberley Tibbs     

Grade 1 / 2 Co-Teacher, Grade 7A and 7B ELA, Drama 2206, ELA 3201

Junior/Senior High Teachers

Andrew Little 

Grade 7A and 7B Math, Technology 7, Computer Studies 1201, ELA 3202, World Geography 3200

Nancy Oliver 

K-12 Instructional Resource Teacher 

Adam Molloy

Math 1201, Math 9, Math 3202, Science 2200, Science 3200, Consumer Studies 1202

Ashley Harris

Math 3201, Biology 2201, Biology 3201, Chemistry 3202, Science 9, Health 9, Religion 9, Science 1206

Michael Ricketts

Math 8, Science 8, Social Studies 8, Technology 8, Health 8, Math 2201, , Career Development 2200, Physical Education grades 7 & 8

Stacey Farrell

K-12 Instructional Resource Teacher

Kathryn John 

K-12 Instructional Resource Teacher 

 Paul Lewis 

Tammy Garden 

Social Studies 2201/02, World Geography 3202, Entrepreneurship 3209 

Guidance Counselor 


Rebecca Parsons-Burden

Vice Principal, Language Arts 9, English 1201

Connie Willcott


Support Staff

Kristen Kendell


Cavell Fudge

Student Assistant

Amanda Skinner 

Student Assistant

Danica Kearley 

Student Assistant 

 Cheryl George 

Laura Bartlett     

Student Assistant 

Student Assistant 

 Dean Kendell 

Cindy Cox 

Care taker

Care Taker